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Kitchen 1B

Ground Floor, KL Tower, 117 Gamboa St., Legaspi Village,
Makati City, Metro Manila

Kitchen 1B is a health-food continental-organic restaurant
providing “The Wholesome Alternative” to support a lifestyle
of health and wellness.

  • Tel. No.: (632) 843-2392
  • Operating Hours: Daily: 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Restaurant Add-ons


Garden of Eden

I’m a mother of two and every time I find myself scanning the grocery aisles for something new and tasty for my kids, I realize something. There are a couple of goods that are always constant in my cart, some pantry staples. Some things that when I am about halfway down

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Re-experiencing the Philippine Lechon

Our very own Lechong Baboy is perhaps the most sinful food on the planet. It’s a rare mouthwatering delicacy that never loses its charm and gourmet appeal to natives and foreigners alike.

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Mama Chit’s

In an age where everybody’s a citizen of the World Wide Web, everything’s pretty much accessible now. There is a wide array of How To’s that provides us, netizens, an easy way to do, well, almost everything!

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Bartender vs. Mixologist

Bartender and mixologist, is a title that is interchangeable.  No it is not!  Bartenders tend bar, and mixologists create drinks.  The first time I heard somebody introduce himself to me as a mixologist

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